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Master The Fundamentals

This course gives you a solid foundation and everything you’ll need to know about the basics and fundamentals of playing the piano by ear.

This guide lays out a clear path to understanding music theory and puts you on the fast lane to master the piano.

Master Chords

Learn EVERY chord you’ll need to play virtually any song by ear. If you want to play your favourite songs, the chords you’re looking for are in this guide.

You’ll learn simple formulas to create multiple types of chords, extended chords, altered chords and much more!

Master Progressions

This course continues where we leave off in our guide to master chords, and you’ll begin to learn PATTERNS in music.

You’ll discover how they’ve formed, how they work and the universal truth about about music that most miss — songs are simply repeated, predictable patterns that occur over and over again.

Master Songs

Discover the strategies to fully understand song structure. Just imagine having a blueprint on how to break down a song from SCRATCH!

You’ll learn how to pick up songs using a technique called 'chunking'. You'll learn to pick up bass tones, play diatonic chords, inversions and put them all together to play real songs!



Anthony Danzy

You've brought life back to me. I started trying to learn at age 10 and quit at 27.  Now after listening and learning from you at 52, I've gotten hooked to wanting to keep it up. You are inspiring bro!

Giulio D

Wow! You are insanely good! The teaching, the graphics, the pace. Brilliant!


Thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful videos — I learned through this to make a cover on my channel!! 

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